Speed Health & Physical Education for class 1


Class 1

Speed health and physical education books series are publishing by the virtuous publication for all class 1-10. The series highlights the importance of physical education in the primary curriculum and the key issues facing primary teachers today, such as inclusion, training needs and the development of creativity.

This series is fundamental for both the students and the teachers who look forward to understand and develop their professional practice in primary physical education.

Books are important for any student to grow up skills, better awareness , to improved self – esteem etc.

Physical Education has been introduced as a core component of the primary school curriculum to indoctrinate sportsmanship in children. The primary years are perchance the most substantial period for motors development . It is a time during which the basic movement capabilities of a child are developed that offers the first opportunity for inculcating physical activity as part of a healthy lifestyle.

speed health & physical education is the first comprehensive introduction to physical education in the primary school, written exclusively by primary physical education specialist in an easy to understand language . Rooted throughout in comprehensive theory, this series has been issued keeping in mind the respective standard.

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