Gullivers Travels


In the long reading text section for Class 9, Gullivers Travels Three  has been recommended by CBSE. Schools may choose one out of the two for writing the examination.

This novel in strict alignment with the guidelines given by the CBSE. It is hoped that it will go a long way in helping both students and teachers.

The author of these Travels,Mr. Lemuel Gulliver, is my ancient and intimate friend; there is likewise some relation between us on the mothers side. About three year ago, Mr. Gulliver growing weary of the concourse of curious people coming to him at his house in Redriff, made a small purchase of land, with a convenient house , near Newark, in Nottinghamshire, his native country ; where he now lives retired , yet in good esteem among his neighbours.

The Narrator and protagonist of the story . Although Lemuel Gulliver’s vivid and detailed style of narration makes it clear that he is intelligent and well educated , his perceptions life, or at least no awareness of it, and his comment are strictly factual. Indeed , something his obsession with the facts of navigation, for example , becomes unbearable for us, as his fictional editor, Richard Sympson, makes clear when he explains having had to cut out nearly half of gullivers verbiage. Gulliver never thinks that the absurdities he encounters are funny and never makes the satiric connections between the lands he visits and his own home. Gullivers native makes the satire possible , as we pick up on thing that Gullivers does not notice.


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