Up From Slavery

Up from slavery

The Up from Slavery is CBSE Recommend Novel which is very helpful to improve reading skills of the students.

The most inspiring  feature of an autobiography is that it recounts life events of a real individual. This volume is a complete package of the inspirational and motivating incidents in the life of B.T. Washington. Through his journey of life he proved that a strong will , dedication and hard work can make the impossible-possible.

Washington’s early days as a slave boy on a plantation in Franklin Country, Virginia unfolds the extremely difficult life and the very basic dreams of earn an education for himself and later for his community can inspire all the teachers and students.

Washington sets examples for everybody who has an ambition and is determined to achieve it. His life’s Journey is filled with struggles both physical and financial but throughout the book he never provides a single hint of disappointment . He shows that one Should learn and adopt all that is anything useful and good from any source possible and should not pay heed to criticism.His commitment earned him to a coloured man in the country.

I hope readers benefit and acquire all noble qualities from this  book.

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