SUMO Kamyabi Ka Achook Mantra


The way you think is a major factor in determining what happens in your life. S.U.M.O. shows that by taking responsibility you can fulfil your potential, seize opportunities, enjoy relationships, succeed at work and respond to adverse situations with a positive attitude.We can all dump the victim T-shirt, develop fruitier thinking and ditch the idea that ‘whatever will be will be’. S.U.M.O. encourages you to take an honest look at yourself and your attitudes… because it’s never too late to change and to start enjoying a successful life.S.U.M.O. offers heavyweight coaching with a soft centre. Weighing in with humour, insight, practical tips and personal anecdotes, it is a thought provoking – and possibly life-changing – read.

The quality of your relationships dramatically impacts your level of happiness and success in life. in this brutally honest, practical humorous book, the S.U.M.O. approach shines fresh light on the workplace. S.U.M.O. encourages you to ‘SHUT UP’ blaming others and to ‘MOVE ON’ to explore new and powerful ways of building better relationship.

S.U.M.O Your Relationships identifies seven character types. you might have met some of them…

The Ditherer  A Ditherer would take a holiday every year in the land of procrastination. if only they could decide how to get there.

The Commander  Loves to take control. it’s a dog eat dog world out there and if you’re not careful, you are next on the menu.

The Hijacker There’s no conversation that can’t be interrupted when the Hijacker is around , so don’t expect to make it off the verbal runway.

The Awfuliser  Having  a bad day? Let the Awfuliser make it feel a whole lot worse.

The Happy  Need some sunshine in your life? The Happy will Dazzle you so much you’ll soon be running for a quiet, darkened room again.

The Whinger  why achieve anything when you can moan about  it instead? Life’s a drag, so why not tell everyone?

The Swinger  A change is as good as a rest , so they say. who needs rest when you can change your mind as often as you change your underwear?

You will discover how to deal with all these characters, and perhaps just as importantly, you’ll also discover how to build a better relationship with yourself. it’s time to stop wearing the victim T-shirt and start taking control of how you deal and interact with others.

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