Three Men In A Boat



In the long reading text section for Class 9, Three Men in a Boat and Gullivers Travels has been recommended by CBSE. Schools have the option to choose only one out of the two for writing the examination. Vrishti Books Cafe has prepared this novel in strict alignment with the guidelines given by the CBSE. It is hoped that it will go a long way in helping both students and teachers.

The chief beauty of this book lies not, so much in its literacy style, or in the extent and usefulness of the information it conveys, as in its simple truthfulness. Its pages form the record of events that really happened. All that has been done is to colour them; and, for this, no extra charge has been made. George and Harris and Montmorency are not poetic ideals, but things of flesh and blood – especially George, who weights about twelve stone. Other works may excel this in depth of thought and knowledge of human nature: other books may rival it in originality and size; but, for hopeless and incurable veracity , nothing yet discovered can surpass it.

This , more than all its other charms, will , it is felt , make the volume precious n the eye of the earnest reader ; and will lend additional weight to the lesson that the story teaches.

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