Adhyaugik Shikhar Purus: Dhiru Bhai Ambani


Over two decades of experience has seen us publish books that are motivational, inspirational and help students acquire sound values. In pursuit of our endeavour to motivate readers to be better citizens we are publishing the Torch Bearer Series based on the lives, actions and deeds of personalities who have been instrumental in making our nation a better place and who through their achievements are the role models and icons of todays youth. The personas brought to light in our Torch Bearer Series are a guiding light to our newer generation, for they set an example to the world to a brighter tomorrow.

The rags to riches story of Dhirubhai Ambani has gone down in indian business lore as a story of courage, business acumen, sheer grit, determination and the power of a man’s vision. It is this power, this grit helped him accomplish his dream. And it is the same grit that we must acquire if we are to turn our dreams into reality.

Our short biography on Dhirubhai Ambani presents the man, his vision and journey through life. The books is the result of the publisher’s strong desire to make each child aware of the power of dreams and model themselves on this visionary’s ideals.

Quite poor in childhood he had no recourse to the right education. as he grew up he still lacked the proper facilities and high tech means to establish a business empire as he desired.

Yet he turned his life around and through his sound business sense he founded the biggest business empire that rank also on the forbes list.

The publisher want these facts to generate the same will and grit in the young reader’s minds. And try their best to reach beyond their limitations to achieve and accomplish heights each individual is capable of reaching if they try hard enough.

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