Delhi Beckons : Raga For Namo

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A fascinating chronicle of what Bharatvarsha was in the ancient times, what India is today and what she will be in the coming future under the aegis of Brand NaMo! The water is boiling. The milk is there. The powder has been mixed. Its time to wake up and smell the coffee. India is rising. And rising fast. As a society, as an economy and a super power as a whole… And to make that happen, we all, as Indians, must be a part of Orchestra to play the Music of Nationalism… RaGa for NaMo

The book Delhi-Beckons Raga for Namo is simply not a musical composition but an eternal song of indian nationalism. It manifest the parallel track ideologies of swami vivekananda (19th century ) and Narendra Modi (Twenty first) that propel us ( the nation) to a higher level of purpose and commitment in both the business and personal life.

A brief survey of facts in public domain coupled with inference and interpretations of the authors to prove the issue of nationalism, so fervently raised in the book, in such a straight, subtle and penetrating manner will definitely  coerce the readers to agree or to disagree but not to stand just indifferent.

‘Delhi Beckons- Raga for Namo’ is a depiction of the aspiration of every single youth of this nation to see Narendra Modi’s glorious rise as the next Prime minister of India in the year 2014.

The book offers a very engrossing narrative while bringing the reader face to face with the problems facing the country and also showing them the light at the end of the dark tunnel.

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