Deshbhakti : Desh Aur Deshvasiyoon Ke Prati Prem


A book with remembrance of patriots of both contemporary times as well as the freedom fighters. An introduction into our contribution towards the development of the mother land.

This book one of the eight in the series is an insight into the contemporary concept of patriotism in a global atmosphere. patriotism as a feeling and an inspiration to work for the country has now changed. The title is based on the shadow of past, with a thought for the future and the efforts of presents. In the discussion of patriotism of the past , the book has tried to remember those who have fought in our freedom struggle, including those who are famous and some, whom a very few know. While elucidating the role of contemporary patriots, we find those who had and are working for the country their respective fields.

The concept of future patriotism is also dealt with a few exemplary issues. we hope this book would be a reading material for the parents, students, educators and anyone who is in search of the meaning of the word ‘Patriotism’ (contemporary sense). The readers will definitely be inspired to become the lover of our country and develop respect towards a great nation ‘India’ with varied religions, traditions, cultures and diversity. This will also embark upon them the philosophy behind our unity.

Patriotism is a feeling which is predominant in various civilisations to sustain growth and development of that community and to reinforce brotherhood among its citizens. This title discusses present scenario of patriotism under direct influence of globalisation, multi-citizenship and foremost the dedication towards your parent country.

This series is an endeavour to discuss the contemporary issues in global perspective on patriotism, secularism, honesty, terrorism, protection of child rights, unity and compassion. A reading material which will pave the way towards better understanding of the above mentioned topics with present day personalities and examples who have contributed to these fields.

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