Dharm Nirpekshata: Bhartiya Jivanshaili


To understand Indian Secularism, we hope the reader will keep the essence of our culture, tradition and diversity in purview, which are deeply steeped in various religions.

This way they will develop immense love for the country which protects and promotes its citizens to practise which ever religion they want without any prohibition.

This series is an endeavour to discuss the contemporary issues in global perspective on patriotism, secularism, honesty, terrorism, protection of child rights, unity and compassion. A reading material which will pave the way towards better understanding of the above mentioned topics with present day personalities and examples who have contributed to these fields.

This book, one of the eight in the series, is an insight into the contemporary concept of secularism in a global environment . In india , secularism always exists in form of tradition, culture and religion. This title delves into the realm of religion as it has emerged in the indian sub – continent with reference to tolerance and toleration. The information towards the spread of various religions in india in ancient days is discussed in the perspective of secularism.

This book on “secularism” , A Way of Indian Life” as a part of good citizen series being brought out by Virtuous Publications bring about the various facts and figures under different heading which are very useful to the readers in understanding the expression ‘secularism’. The effort of the publisher are praiseworthy. 

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