Gen’xt Computer Science Class 1


The main features of the series are the classification of information and knowledge necessary to be Information Technology educated. Different computer skills and competencies are laid out sequentially and in an integrated manner with their association treated in a student friendly way.

The books outline the why, what, how and when and elaborate the latest implementation of hardware and software with exactitude. The objective of being computer literate is attained with ease through these books.

Computers are a reality of modern world. They are here to stay. so it is the need of the hour that we all familiarize ourselves with this technology. children of today take to the fascinating world of computers like fish take to water!

In order to make our students face the challenges of 21st century , we must integrate information & communication technology in all teaching and learning processes. Technology tools have to be creatively and effectively infused to create an interactive and productive learning environment for the students.

The theoretical concepts of computer science have been explained in very simple language. Exhausted practice on their practical applications is given through the medium of real example.

The Series provides the teacher enough support material to lay a solid foundation on the theoretical as well as practical aspects of this science. with their guidance and this series , the learners will be able to effectively use computer in their everyday life.

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