Prabandhkiya Nipunata : Niyojan Kshmata Ka Gyan 2


The book has been designed with a multidimensional approach. A planned & strategic movement towards self-employment has been adopted as a solution for the present scenario of unemployment. This two book volume comes as an excellent guide to career-building for students during their early schooling itself which helps them to understand their strengths. This helps in saving of time, money and energy by not choosing careers and courses that do not suit their talents and skills.
It is not an extra subject, as the exercises are based only on view points, where no extra study is required. It inculcates an out-of-the-box thinking which we call balancing of both parts of the brain i.e. Learns to be creative and simultaneously logical & analytical.
The ultimate aim of this book is the student passes out of the school as a fully grown individual with a personality of positive attitude towards the various facets of life.

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