Sanchetna : Main Aur Meri Jimmmedariyan


An Awakening call for the society. To retain the culture & heritage of our country, many important issues are needed to be addressed, which have been haunting us for quiet long. All of us can work together towards the positive solutions.We have put across our point on issues like Patriotism, Secularism & Terrorism in global perspective. Important quotes and works being carried out by the people who matter in this direction are being referred to improvise upon the subject matter.This book provides a new perspective of discussion to the readers, students & educationist.

We believe that Patriotism is not only serving the country by joining Armed forces but also abiding by the laws of country and contributing in the growth & development. In the same manner secularism is respecting everyone and believing in Humanity. Terrorism is surely a war which we must all win together.We have published this book with a vision of inspiring our readers for making this world a better place to live in.

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