White Flame & The Aliens


White Flame & the Aliens book is written by the Sarita Brara. This book is very helpful to improve the reading skills of student.

Inside Book-

My father had a treasure trove of stories that he would narrate to us before I and my brother went off to sleep. But it was his never ending story about the magical jinh that kept both of us spell bound . it is still a mystery to me how my father could pick up the thread from the previous narration and connect it to one episode after another every night extempore and weave out a never ending plot with his imagination. The images he conjured with his dramatic narration would transport us to a world of fantasy.

I remember how i wished at that time to have the magical power of the jinh . now after more than five and half decades have passed , i find that science has made some of these possible.

Imagination it is said is the foundation of all invention and innovations. Perhaps it was this thought that motivated me to write this piece of fiction in the hope that some of it may become a reality one day with further advancement in science and technology to make this world a better place to live.

Four boys mysteriously disappear from a school in the hills. Have they been abducted by an alien from another planet called pletox?What kind of planet is this? Is there a connection between  their abduction and threat this planet faces from another body less forms of another planet? Why is white flame helping the boys from Earth ? An exciting story that gives a peep into the how advanced our earth could be 100 years from now. Also will the mysteries of mind and soul be unraveled by then?

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