Maestro English Grammar Class 8


The Maestro English Series are English Textbooks written to meet the needs of children learning English, In the primary and middle classes, in indian schools. The series consists of the reader, the work book, the Grammar book and Cursive writing book.

The whole Series has been designed and compiled keeping the age, scholastic ability and interest of the learner in mind. The reader lays great emphasis on teaching the language through the medium of stories. Also an-English -across the curriculum approach has been adopted. That is why concepts of Mathematics, salient features of EVS and moral concepts which encourage reasoning and thought have been included in the stories

The series showcases interesting stories and essays with exercises that test knowledge and learning ability of the language. The texts, both prose and poetry, cover diverse themes like adventure, humour, nature, science, sports, mystery, folklore, fiction, myths and legends etc.Text with emphasis on developing living skills and value concepts.

The books also help create simulated situations that facilitate the process of gaining knowledge of the language and literature.Text to suit students balancing life in a fast changing world.Have wide range of exploratory activities involving pair work, group work and whole class work. Activities, exercises and pronunciation practice. Structured grammar and vocabulary.

It is hoped that these activities will deepen the learner’s insight into the functioning and mastering of the English language. We hope that it will be a pleasant experience for the teacher and the taught.

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