Colouring Book Class 5


Our drawing books not only teach illustration but important aspect of daily experiences that help the child understand his environment. Every child enjoys colouring and painting and our books are build upon that. virtuous publication provide big range of story books for kids. These are Mostly pictorial books easy to understand, so u can find online story books like children short stories, online story books, story book.

Book features are given below:-

  • Strictly based on the Guidelines and Examination Format provided by the CBSE.
  • Material available with the book and drawing book to make it convenient for both the teacher and the students while performing the activities.
  • Easy language and instructions given for the students will learn while appreciating nature.
  • The skills in colouring & craft are like an integrated course spanning all the subject studied by the child.
  • Students shall be encouraged more to express and create their imaginations.


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