Maestro Reading & Writing Skills Development Handbook Class 10


The latest publication of virtuous is the ‘Maestro Reading and writing skills Development Helpbook’ for classes IX and X. The book focusses on the development of reading & writing skills of the student from the time he enters class IX and progresses in his preparation ofthe Class X exam. By the end of class X his communicative skills, both oral and written, his vocabulary and his expression would make him very comfortable with the english syllabus of the senior secondary classes.

The complete book has been designed in accordance with CCE (Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation) keeping the emphasis on the need of language skills of students to be honed as specified by the National Curriculum Framework. The inclusion of multiple – choice questions encourages analytical reading and logical reasoning in the adolscents mind before attempting the MCQ exercises. Also the exercises gradually increase in their level of difficulty as the student moves to the later exercise. As the poems impart a fluency of thought and expression and students of all ages find poems interesting – meaningful poems have been included in this section.

The prose passage also have been very carefully selected so as to interest the teen – age minds and help there reflect not only on the language but also on the content of the passage chosen. The exercises of the writing section will give comprehensive practice in composition writing be it, Paragraph writing, Diary writing or Letter writing. Such exercises help students to express their ideas in their own words. This practice will soon translate into an interest in creative writing.

It is hoped that these activities will deepen the learner’s insight into the functioning and mastering  of english language. We hope that it will be a pleasant experience for the teacher and the taught. The publisher would welcome any comments and suggestions which could prove helpful our subsequent editions.

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