Maestro English Reader Class 5


The series showcases interesting stories and essays with exercises that test knowledge and learning ability of the language. The texts, both prose and poetry, cover diverse themes like adventure, humour, nature, science, sports, mystery, folklore, fiction, myths and legends etc.Text with emphasis on developing living skills and value concepts. The books also help create simulated situations that facilitate the process of gaining knowledge of the language and literature.Text to suit students balancing life in a fast changing world.Have wide range of exploratory activities involving pair work, group work and whole class work. Activities, exercises and pronunciation practice. Structured grammar and vocabulary.

Gen’xt English Reader  series based on the Comprehensive & Continuous Evaluation (cce) pattern have proved to be useful and popular.The revise edition has now been brought out by Pristhi Edu Envoy. Chapters have been added to each book with interesting exercise at the end for all round skill development. The exercise and assessment sheets included in the series are both formative and summative in nature and form the core of the continuous and comprehensive Evaluation Scheme. Since CCE lays emphasis on knowledge for application rather than stressful mugging up of facts, the inferential and evaluative  exercises help the learner to know, understand and apply what they learn.

The chapter in each book are graded so that the learner moves gradually from the easier facets of the language to the more difficult aspects. The Grammar Enrichment exercises have also been structured on this principle. The Multiple Choice Question included will help in Sharping the analytical ability of young mind. Writing and speaking skills practice is also an integral part of the exercise at the end of every chapter.

It is hoped that the series will go a long way in deepening the learner’s insight into the functioning and mastering of English language with relative ease. We do hope that these books do become the best tool in the teacher and the whole teaching – learning process becomes a pleasant experience for both.

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