Maths Scholar Class 3

279  Maths Scholar-3

A series of eight books on mental mathematics designed as practice material to develop and hone mathematical skills. Our series of Mental Maths textbooks have been graded according to the level of content required for various classes. These book help in understanding mathematical concepts and help the children develop their thinking and reasoning faculties. The exercises and examples are realistic and students can relate to them and therefore also benefit tremendously from them. Provides pupils with a thorough grounding in the Mathematical skills needed both in school and in everyday life Has a wide range of exercises which gives students an opportunity to practise and refine their skills, and revise the concepts learnt Assessments between lessons for continuous evaluation. Suitable for all boards of examination Can be used as an effective aid with any Mathematics course book

Our ‘Maths Scholar’ to activate greycells for mental maths and ‘Activity Manual in Mathematics’ aims to brings students’ understanding to a level where they are able to work with the subject with ease and expertise.

The material focuses on key areas of numbers and provides ample exercises to facilitate the students learning and growth. The emphasis is on fundamentals and the subject is explained in the simplest way.

The books are designed to introduce a fun element into the learning process so that the child’s introduction to and familiarization with mathematics does not turn into a tedious process. Every chapter cover a specific concept and idea with detailed explanations and illustration to make it easier to understand.

The text is lucid and the language child friendly, with the problems graded in manner that eases the movement from simple to intricate. Much emphasis is placed on the students self initiative with questions that help him test his skills. Our concern at this stage is to ensure that all students learn to like the subject and grow more and more confident as we together work our way through the series.

Finally learning and growing with maths and acquiring the ability to mathematics experiences will enable the students to find a consequential relationship with the world outside.

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