The Right Aspect Class 5

288  The Right Aspect 5

A sound education also encompasses moral and spiritual development. Progression in inculcating right values is made easy through texts and examples. Personality growth is enriched by learning the right social behavior and norms taught through these entertainingly presented books.

Each lesson serves as a guide to help children choose the right path. Stresses the importance of faith in a supreme power. Values of courage, discipline, honesty, responsibility and respect for others discussed in interesting story formats and day-to-day examples.

Books Specifications are given below :

1) Better Awareness

2) Developing judgmental skill in stress

3) self – discipline

4) This helps in much saving on time, money and energy by not choosing careers and energy by not choosing careers and course that do not suit their talents and skills.

5) Assist the students develop as a fully grown individual with a personality of positive attitude towards various facets of life.

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