7 Reasons why Problem Solving Assessment is important for overall Developement



We are all aware of the CBSE-PSA examination conducted in the month of January-February every year since 2013 which is a 90 minutes exam. This exam has no specific syllabus, there is no negative marking and all the questions are objective multiple choice questions(MCQs). The PSA is counted towards the FA-4, meaning it will be add 10 per cent to the overall assessment of class 9. The assessment is also carried forwards to the FA4 in class 10. The score will be reflected in Mathematics, Social Science, Science and one language (Hindi or English). The test paper has  three categories :

  • Language convention( in English and Hindi both )
  • Qualitative Reasoning
  • Quantitative Reasoning

PSA exam has received many mixed reviews from the school teachers, as well as the school students. The results have been great, and in some cases disappointing too. This exam not only tests the students for their mental abilities but contributes to their life handling abilities.

Here are 10 reasons as to why problem Solving is important and one should take it seriously:

  1. It facilitates critical thinking. Critical thinking is a reflective process and a deciding factor of what one believes in or does. It does not mean critical or negative thinking, but evaluative thinking. A solid foundation of critical thinking regulates actions in a wiser direction. A critical thinking leads to deeper understanding of the subject or the context given. It disciplines the manner of thoughts and filters the mind to precisely make right choices both academically and in life. It basically contributes in these two factors:
  1. Builds creative thinking. It is the imagination power of an individual. A good creative thinking gives birth to innovations. A child is born original and has a tremendous tendency of being curious about everything that they see in and around themselves. To enhance this and to sustain it as we grow older it is very important to cultivate it. Along with education creative thinking gets aligned in the right direction and can effectively put the mind into action. It provides a kind of freedom to see and visualize.
  2. Reduces fear, brings out confidence. When we have a command over a subject or we are thorough with our concepts , it doesn’t always matter how we perform  but  clarity matters, we have a self confidence of participating or engaging oneself in problem solving. It may so revoke an interest that we would want to do more of such activity. This is breaking down the barriers .
  3. Builds speed to do things. When we have a free flowing clear mind with clear concepts, we do things quicker and mindfully.
  1. Enhances communication skills. When we practice on our verbal and written skills we can communicate better and also express in the most refine manner. Having a good command over grammar and vocabulary adds to this.
  1. Better understanding of other subjects. Since Problem Solving Assessment has no specific syllabus, it has a diversity. For instance it has questions and passage on various topics like Environment, History, Science , etc.. This quality of the exam creates an overall awareness in the students .
  2. Challenges one intellectually. Since it has critical and creative thinking in its
    bag , the combination provides a perfect brainstorming.


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