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Problem! Where some may find it interesting and challenging, there are many out there who have horrors of it. Be it be faced during studies, sports, anything we are not indifferent from it. All students have tremendous mental and physical abilities, it becomes very necessary to help them channelize it and give them a righteous direction. Students basically tend to withdraw from doing or engaging in activities either out of fear or lack of interest. An analytical-thinking mind not only helps to overcome this but also develops more and more space for further learning. It engages the mind in the most effective manner giving birth to great skills.

Talking of which, the addition of Problem Solving Assessment (PSA) examination, since the year of 2013, in the school curriculums of CBSE (Central board of secondary Education), has been the most discussed topic among the teachers, the students and all around. The exam will be conducted in the month of January-February and the question paper will be provided by the Board. This 90-minute test will have nothing from the textbooks. The knowledge gained from the other subjects (since there is no specific syllabus) shall be tested in an applied format. There is no negative marking and all the questions are objective multiple choice questions. The PSA is counted towards the FA-4, meaning it will be add 10 per cent to the overall assessment of class 9. The assessment is also carried forwards to the FA4 in class 10. The score will be reflected in Mathematics, Social Science, Science and one language (Hindi or English). The test paper has three categories:

  • Language convention( in English and Hindi both )
  • Qualitative Reasoning
  • Quantitative Reasoning

In this new edition of Problem Solving Assessment for class 9 to 12, we have covered all the fundamental and major aspects of Creative thinking, Decision Making, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Communication. Not only does it build the skills of research, comprehension, and analysis strong but also helps one to apply them using the basic concepts in the most effective manner. It will help perform better in the examinations and to achieve good results.  Here are some brief features of the book:

  • The book has,
  • Stand Alone-Passage-based MCQ on different subjects.
  • Relevant Study Material
  • Solved Examples
  • Sample Papers.
  • It provide deep insight into the critical element of the test in various sections with mind juggling questions.
  • The study material provides plenty of theoretical inputs along with practice exercises .
  • The answers and hints along with brief solutions for most exercises and sufficient model test papers are incorporated.
  • The questions are so designed that they will also help in improving scores within the core school subjects as the Problem Solving Assessment test items are designed to improve generic and higher order thinking skills.
  • For the students who opt to improve their PSA Score in Class 10, as they can sit for the test with Class IX students of the next Session PSA 10 is prepared to give ample of practice to the students of Class 10.
  • For the students who opt to improve their PSA Score in Class 12, as they can sit for the test with Class XI students of the next Session PSA 12 is prepared to give ample of practice to the students of Class 12.
  • Strictly based on the Guidelines and Examination Format provided by the CBSE.
  • The book content is so developed that it shall provide vigorous food for thought and enable practice for fruitful results.


A good book is one which is a complete source and resources of all that is needed, in compact and organized manner, to hit the bulls eye. Our  book on Problem Solving Assessment (CBSE-PSA ) for Class 9 to 12 is one of those. It has been beneficial to many students and helped then not only score well but enhanced there aptitude along too .

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