Health and Physical Education.


Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body; it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.”  By John F. Kennedy


Physical education (PE) is an integral part of total education. Physical education programs are needed in schools to increase the physical competency, health related fitness and self responsibility in children. These programs incorporate a lot of activities which perform dual objective- learning and enjoyment. When the body is physically fit and healthy, it helps the brain to function actively too. Physical education is a powerful education. In India the schools have physical education in the junior level as well as senior level.

Physical education is a subject which generates better awareness about things like hygiene, nutrition, first aid and posture. It leads to betterment of personality. The physical activities which come along with the subject build strong, flexible and enduring muscles in children . It is a form of cardio activity which pumps blood in healthy manner and keeps the body composition is better form. Physical education develops motor skills which facilitate safe, successful and satisfying physical activities. It serves as a lab for application of subjects like mathematics, science, social studies, etc. Doing the physical activities in a routine manner creates a self discipline in the doer. It keeps the person conscious about staying fit and healthy. Since they activities are performed in groups and individual performances lead to competitive arena, it in a way gives a opportunity to the children to assume leadership, cooperation and question actions. Physical activities are stress booster; they relax the mind and increase the sense of achievement and glory. Workings in teams develop team spirit tendencies and help children socialize better with others successfully. Physical education also plays a role in confidence development and self esteem.

Some children show strong interest in sports from a very early age and these qualities should be further encourages and given proper guidance in schools. In India several children are restricted from playing sports, despite showing signs of early excellence. With proper support and systems in place children will be able to bring out the best in themselves and they may even go on to represent the country at some point in the future. Thus, encouraging physical education India is important and schools must realize the potential benefits that can be achieved from just a few hours of activity every day.

Physical education books have great deal of information about physical fitness and well being. “Speed Health and Physical Education Series” by Virtuous Publications is a series of books for the classes of 1 to 10. In the modern concept of education, challenges at school have become stressful for children. Emphasis is given on the text education. The book has excellent text and content. The practice sessions of this book deals with various warm up exercises, basics of various games and sports (according to school syllabus) and it also contains various physical fitness tests for evaluating fitness of school children. This series is fundamental for both the students and the teachers who look forward to understand and develop their professional practice in physical Education.

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