Physical Health Education: The way of life.


In this fast and speedy growing life what we often neglect the most is – Our health. The pressure is not only growing on adults but we see children too becoming a victim of it. Deterioration of the health is a sad thing that can to happen to anyone, especially when it is in one’s own hands. We focus on the outside so much sometimes (which actually is happening most of the times), that the health on the inside is kept aside. From eating unhealthy to not working out or not getting involved in physical activities is one very big factor which insists on taking “Physical Education” into larger consideration. Physical education is a good subject. It has lots to offer. It increases the quality of life and brings in a discipline which is healthy and mindful. It improves the life skills, behavior, self esteem and health of the children. Healthy living in case of school children is the prime concern of all stakeholders including principals, parents, teachers and the community. To achieve this objective collective responsibility needs to be assumed. An important dimension is that through play, exercise, sports and practices of personal and community hygiene, it gives a valuable experience and develops health skills and physique.

In schools (CBSE) Physical Education & Sports may be strictly adhered to:

  • There should be at least 40-45 minutes of Physical Activities or Games period for Classes 1 to 10 every day.
  • For Classes 11 – 12 , it should be ensured that all the students participate in Physical Activity / Games / Mass P.T / Yoga with maximum health benefits for at least two periods per week (90-120 min / week).
  • In case the school has constraints of space, climatic conditions, presence of enough PE Teachers, or coaches it may consider indoor activities which would provide maximum health benefits (Aerobics / Meditation / Yoga & Asanas).
  • Mass P.T. in the morning keeping in view the climate conditions is another alternative the school can have.

As part of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) the students will be assessed on participation and performance in by choosing any two activities from the 13 activities given for Classes 6-8 and 08 activities given for Classes 9-10.

“Speed Health and Physical Education Series” by Virtuous Publications is a series of books for the classes of 1 to 10. In the modern concept of education, challenges at school have become stressful for children. Emphasis is given on the text education. The book has excellent text and content. The practice sessions of this book deals with various warm up exercises, basics of various games and sports (according to school syllabus) and it also contains various physical fitness tests for evaluating fitness of school children.

The books for class 1 to 5 contain all topics which school children must know for their holistic growth and development. Also covers CCE bases MCQ’s from Science and Math. It has many illustrations which enable easy understanding and structured play activities which infuse the desire for active participation. The rest of the classes (6 to 10), the series are meticulously made along with a planned practical manual. The books reinforce knowledge and are a roadmap to develop cooperation, teamwork and sportsmanship skills. It contains various physical fitness test for evaluating fitness of school children. This series is fundamental for both the students and the teachers who look forward to understand and develop their professional practice in physical Education.


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