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“Social sciences” is taught in schools since it is an integral part of the general education. It helps the learners to better understand their environment. Social science is a subject, which on having a better understanding can lead to making of better choices. With respect to science, we can say that, science teaches us how a technology is developed and used, while social science helps us to understand the impacts of it. Also it not only defines and approves the societal aims but also keeps the capacity to provoke leaner’s to critically examine them on the universal values of social justice and environmental sustainability. A in-depth knowledge about this subject invokes in children questioning power and develop mindful use of the resources. This planet is abundant of resources, we humans have capabilities, and above all, we think we have tremendous of it. This is where social sciences come in play.

Science is a process of knowing things, and its applications are making lives easier, but social sciences keep a measure of how much should be done and how what has been done is impacting positively and negatively. In schools, this subject has text information being taught in the classrooms, and the best part is where they have lab classes for the same. The lab sessions in subjects like this totally change the way children look at their environment. We think that a child must kept away from delicate, controversial, etc.. issues, as they might affect their innocent minds. But these are equally important and can be done in a proper manner in which it leads to an insight and an inspiration as to how they can bring a change , how they are the future of this country , telling them about how a ‘mindset’ plays a role in structuring a society and  how they can choose and bring a change in themselves, like “Mahatma Gandhi” once said:

“Be the change you want to see in this world”.

Social science when taken as a lab class, helps children to understand the subject in totality and further contribute in development of broader perspective and a empirical, reasonable and human outlook. It helps them to grow into responsible citizens of the nation.

A good lab manual benefits children with better understanding. “Lab Manual for Social Science”, is book for the classes 9 and 10. It is prepared according to the latest syllabus prescribes by the CBSE. The materials presented in this book are strictly based on the latest syllabus and guidelines prescribed by the CCE. The content is designed to facilitate division of topics term wise. An assignment after completion of each term will help the students in learning, reading and recapitulation effectively.

Highlights of the manual:

  • Latest data is provided whenever needed so that children can easily identify and relate to the topic.
  • In every topic based assignment there are relevant, very short answer questions, short answer questions and long answer questions.
  • Proper space has been given to write answers of the given questions.
  • A comprehensive solution process has been developed and designed to tackle the projects.
  • Map- based questions are also given to develop accuracy while locating the areas related to map.
  • Proper guidelines for completion of every project have been given as tips to the students.
  • The evaluation process is scientifically designed to give an aid for the teachers and students to understand the pattern .
  • The guidelines to tackle the projects are latest and engineered the existing pattern of the exams.

This book has been written in such a way that it will help the children tremendously.

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