“Remember always that you not only have the right to be an individual, you have an obligation to be one.”– Eleanor Roosevelt

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Sometimes or pretty often in the society, we give importance to irrelevant concepts made by man and judge one another based upon that knowledge. It is the saddest thing to do to anyone. We are all created by god and very much original in our own self being. It has been seen that the society has created certain rules, which may not even be significant, and expect every other person to abide by them. But, truth is, what can be bigger than the rules of the ‘nature’ itself. No one can rule her. She is the creator, and the destroyer. Life happened to all of us and we need to understand and accept that concept for ourselves, and for the others.

Sometimes the structure of the society intertwines with the natural concepts, thinking that what man believes in is mightiest and always right. But that is not true. Nature is above all. The society has many issues and even after bringing them into highlights many time, sometimes they remain unheard. Today one such issue is about “Transgenders”. They face a lot of  difficulties,  specially because of  the mindsets with which people attack them. The history had made  and always stated them so menial, that this mentality has passed on from generations to generations and now it’s the time to break this mindset. Recently,  Supreme court of India had  given green signal to transgender as the “Third Gender”. So its official now and one of the best decisions made !

Their traditional lives have been full of sufferings. It needs to change in order to bring a good change. All that’s required now is people to come forward and accept them. To join hands  and help them build their lives much better through proper education, treat them like anyone one of us.

Be loving. Grow, live together and nurture one another.

“Aprajita” is a book written by Manorama Jafa, published by Virtuous Publication. It reflects  the criticism some people face when they are different from others  and instead of being accepted for the way they are, how people go on to belittle, exploit, humiliate or mock at them. We don’t even realize how much it might be hurting the other person and the worst is when they are least cared about and looked at with unwanted eyes. Aprajita is a story of such kind. It shows us the struggle  of two parents who have a transgender child and how they succeed in raising the child. They set an example that all it takes is to accept, love and nurture every soul. It’s the right to live and to live with dignity.


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