Mantra vashikaran


People who understand, how one’s own actions are one’s own responsibility, are mindful in nature. Such people are  honest, loving and accepting. They purely give their best in everything that they do in life. People who look into themselves, always seek their own answers. They have a clarity in mind. To accept what is in and around us, one must feel unified with everything. When the duality no longer exists we can see things more clearly. When we live our lives deeply, we are ourselves. There is no impressing, no pretension, no superficiality, only pure living and caring. Having a good behavior of other people is giving respect to them. To think good of the others is reflection of oneself. A positive attitude always builds a positive aura and brings calmness within. With this kind of attitude, relations become stronger and bonds grow deeper. The interpersonal and intrapersonal relations become better. With understanding, we can try and solve so many difficult situations in our lives. Even when it has to be more effort from one side, it’s worth trying for something good. A positive outlook has always given peace to the doer. When we think positive it build energies which function towards optimistic results.

The “Mantra vashikaran” is a book in Hindi by Virtuous Publication, it’s a beautiful tale of a girl named Shayama and her life’s journey. The story begins with the criticism that she faces for being dark skinned but she is so good at heart, that everyone eventually falls in love with her nature and for who she is.  Shayama is a daring and a strong girl. She grows up to be an open hearted, giving and loving person by nature. The beauty that lasts forever or is eternal is the one which is internal. With maturity, understanding and open mindedness a person can pay attention to life and see what is happening. The more we give is the more we get.

This novel is a good read for fifteen years and above. A journey that will render you with its impeccable story and also inspire you to love yourself. The more you love yourself the more you love others.


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