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Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”- Pablo Picasso 

 Children need to be active. The more they are active the more vibrancy they have. Craft and coloring contribute in development of many life skills. Children enjoy such activities. It has come to a realization that children actually learn more and imbibe the exploring quality. They become curious and thoughtful. Encouraging children with such activities will help them unfold their talent and many such skills might develop:

  • Communication skills

When children draw, paint, sketch, etc. they are expressing themselves or trying to communicate through it. Some even draw to document a real life experience or emotionally charged experiences. Art goes beyond verbal language to communicate feelings that might not be expressed otherwise.

  • Problem-Solving Skills:

The entire process of art and craft, it keeps the mind activated. It brainstorms the child to critically analyze the given options and develop an aptitude as to “how”, “what”, “why”, etc. It allows the child to assess himself or herself. They begin with rules and then later they are on the new path of discovery. Children love solving challenges and coming up with new ways to handle unexpected outcomes.

  • Social & Emotional Skills:

Art takes the child closer to his/her choices and other thinking corners. Through art they develop a practice of sharing and taking turns. They learn to appreciate one another’s efforts. It fosters a positive mental health and brings out the creative- unique side.

  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Self-Expression and Creativity

Art is an experience that requires freethinking, experimentation, and analysis — all part of creativity.  It is important, however, to separate the notion of “talent” from “creativity” — a child does not have to create a masterpiece to have a meaningful artistic experience. Art is a process, not a product. Where art is concerned, it is the process of creating — exploring, discovering, and experimenting — that has the greatest value. Through self-expression and creativity, children’s skills will develop naturally, and their ability to create will soar.

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