Bachpan Muskuraya…Jab Inhe Sunaya ( Childhood Smiles… with stories )

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When children are told “Hey lets all sit down and listen to a story!”, they all get very excited. Story telling is a fascinating and fun activity. This whole activity can create beautiful, enriching moments. We all know, childhood is the most beautiful and cherish time of life, and efforts must be put, in making so for every single child. Small Children enjoy reading books which have various kinds of stories in them. Certain children’s book have plants and animals in characterization, this helps children to visualize and understand, the concept, that other living beings are also just like us. Little kids develop language, speaking, logical thinking and many more skills, when they read or listen to stories on regular basis. Stories stimulate curiosity, spark imagination and also help in brain development.

Young children have lots of emotions and are constantly involuntarily looking for ways to be expressed. Many children express them through stories. Also an important fact to note is, when children read stories about things like going to the grandparents, plantation, hospital visit, etc, etc. they learn a lot of things. Things like how to deal with strong emotions, helping hand, love & care, environment and more. It is not necessary to read to them always but you can always try and build an ambience for it. For instance, when you are reading for yourself and your little kid is sitting with you that moment, he/she watches you read and turn the pages, one may not realize but this moment is the moment of silent learning. Moments create things. Coming in touch with certain activity (depending upon person to person) can lead to revelation of new connections, and consistent connection may eventually develop a passion for it. Considering furthermore, it may so happen that the passion grows and gives rise to strong interests. Help children boost and associate with their potential effectively, enabling them to develop strong interest. Books do that for many children. Books are like friends and stories are depth.  Deeper they connect with books, more they desire to read and inculcate higher knowledge.

Parents must read good books to their kids  and children big enough to read and write must get into this activity very often. “Bachpan Muskuraya Jab Inhe Sunaya” is a book having various collection of stories in Hindi by Renu Saini, published by Virtuous Publication. The book is basically for children class 4 and above. It is a beautifully crafted book with an intention to bring utter joy of reading and fun to the listeners. Stories are interesting, and insightful. The reader shall thoroughly enjoy and learn, both at the same time.

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