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Now-a-days, Computer and Information Technology have become an integral part of education and curriculum. In this fast growing dynamic era it is becoming even more important to have a strong base. A base that will not only help the student to analyze things but also to inquire and understand anything new and challenging. On the whole, Sign in to computers is a series of 8 books, for Classes 1 to 8, designed to enrich the school students from primary to middle level with latest computer skills in a systematic and step-by-step manner. Also the series serves the purpose of all types of computer syllabus taught in various Public and Convent schools.

The salient features of the series are:

  • Easy to understand language.
  • Colourful illustrations bring about lively and creative learning.
  • ‘Keep in mind’ will give the feel of learning computers in the lab even during their theory classes.
  • The pattern of the syllabus involves summative and formative assessments at the equal intervals of chapters
  • Group Activities will help to reinforce skills and knowledge both during team work and at the individual levels
  • Cross Curriculum exercises have been incorporated which will help to understand the application of computers among other subjects.
  • The project works are such that they will boost the minds of the student both conceptually and logically.
  • Exercises are full of fun-filled activities in each chapter: Student’s Response, Crisscross, Simulations, Current Activity, etc.
  • The series is based on Windows 7.
  • New software like Windows 8 &10, Flash, emaze, Python, Kid Pix and MS Office 10 are also introduced.
  • Small tips in the form of ‘Did You Know’ and Important Points will help the children to understand the concept they are learning.
  • A comprehensive and brief series to help students stay updated along with the development of exploring quality.

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