A Series of GK Orbit Workbook From Class 1 To Class 8

GK Workbook 1 GK Workbook Covers_4 GK Workbook Covers_5 GK Workbook Covers_8

GK Orbit Series is an effort to briefly and comprehensively touch upon everything that is present in and around us. The series provides the basic foundation of general knowledge which the students should have. This would be a stepping stone towards developing a reading habit among the students. GK Orbit series holistically covers a variety of topics starting from Life Skills and Moral Development to fast paced Technology, Sports to Art and Culture, our motherland India to other countries of the World, and Politics to Films. It aims to arouse an interest among the students to know and learn more. Tidbits, activities encouraging awareness about various things and mind stimulating general knowledge outstands the series.Creative and colorful illustrations enable easy understanding and fun learning. Updated and authentic information to help the students stay a step ahead. Mind opening facts and activities which will build curiosity and exploring quality in the student. To boost this further we have corresponding Workbooks and Quiz Cards for all the classes based on the same aspects as mentioned above.

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