A series of 9 books of “Boost Your Aptitude”


The “Boost Your aptitude” series by Virtuous Publications is an attempt to help children add that very X-Factor in their lives and to make them aware of the world around them. With it, we aim to provide extra knowledge and impart analytical skills that would help them prove their worth to society, family and themselves. Most competitive exams merely look at the academic prowess of the children, but it is our firm belief that physical, emotional and spiritual aptitudes also are equally responsible for holistic development. Therefore, a consistent and conscious effort has to be made in order to develop all of them.  The Practice test covered in these series have comprehensive mix of English and language comprehension, general knowledge, Current Affairs, Computers, Social Sciences, Mathematical skills, Management Aptitude and Attitude, Quantitative Analysis, Data Interpretation, Critical Reasoning, Analogy and an understanding of various subjects such as science, English, history, geography, politics, economics, sports, and general knowledge studied in schools. This series makes sincere effort in training the students to handle various types of problems and situations at a given point of time.

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