The Web Trail


Behind all high-tech brilliance there exist superior minds, behind masterpieces in art lies a creative genius, behind maverick computer systems lives a computer wizard. Always human intelligence has an edge over scientific structures.            Anshuman encounters a risky chase by men with guns in maddening downpour only to realize it was his computer Guru, Deepak Uncle’s car which was being followed. Irritating doorbell leading to a gun-shot at the sight of Deepak confirms that his maverick program to police business transactions gains loads of enemies instantly. A stealthy buzz on the computer, confrontation with a stranger peeking in, enormous transfers and vanishing money online, raging viruses and explosions underscore a frightening tension in the city. The face of the apprehended terrorist stuns Anshuman and his friends as it matches the peeking stranger. The school computer center, Anshuman and friends, their Guru and significantly the radical computer system were in deep trouble. Terrorists versus computer buffs take position in the web trail – a search for the rich online criminals.       The potential of the mind behind the computer screen and visually enchanting moving bytes are easily recognized by young adult readers. Here is a long chase of computer addicts hunting terror at electronic pace, intriguing formations – the system design – tracking terrorists in an environment of heightening financial cosmos and ecommerce.

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