Structure of Indian Education System

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After independence, education has made available to all and it had become priority for the government. The present education system in India consists of the following:

· Primary education 
· Secondary education 
· Senior secondary education 
· Higher education

Our country India, having an intelligent population, can provide a better education system compared to other countries. Proper attention is needed to cross over lack of education. It seems as a stumbling block towards its objectives of attaining inclusive growth.

Revolution in the education system:

India aspires to be powerful and it wants to play a major role in the international community. Our country needs a huge force of innovators with knowledge in kinds of sciences and technologies. It also needs artists who could make culture the most popular in the world. It is said that “Youngsters in India, do not have freedom of selecting their own career”. The problem is, they don’t know and not have vision to think beyond it. Revolution means making big changes. These changes will result in to the following:

· A world class infrastructure 
· Education which encourages entrepreneurship 
· Education which encourages innovation and creativity 
· Greater investments into education, public as well as private 
· Best talents of the country working in the education sector 
· An education which makes the child sad when the last bell is rung at the end of the school day

Education reform:

Plato said, “Compulsory learning never sticks in the mind”. He believed that the children would never learn unless they wanted to learn. Classical education system is mostly concerned with the questions like Who, What, When, Where, Why and it needs careful answers from the majority of the students. Educational Initiatives strongly believes that India must able to provide high quality education to all kinds of children. High quality doesn’t mean expensive, but relevant education that builds future needs and functional skills to discover their abilities and to reach their goal.

Structure of Indian education system should have technical education to meet global challenges, free from child labour, efficiency of educational gaming in enhancing classroom learning. As a result it must be in the form of 3E’s which is “Educate, Enable, Empower”.

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