How to Buy Books Online at Discounted Price

Whatever entertainments we have today, the role of books is never on the danger zone. Each year the sale of books are going high. The reading habit still stands atop as one of the main hobbies of people across the world.

The system of online shopping has made purchase simple and easy and purchase in the comfort and security of our home or office. With the support of net banking, debit/credit cards, we can order any books or whatever your choice like electronic goods, apparels, etc., and the the ordered articles reach your hand quickly and safely.

There are a number of online sites, which made your shopping experience an easy job.

Nowadays, attending a Book Fair at a town is no more an attractive event. At least I have lost all passion for attending a book fair in my town. Why? Nothing, but the price difference. While Flipkart usually gives you a discount of 35%, what you get from these stalls is just 10% or maximum 20% discount. It means when you buy a book worth Rs, 1000/- for Rs. 600/- or Rs. 650/-, from Flipkart on discount, you have to pay Rs 800/- to Rs.900/- at these Book Fair venues. Just imagine the volume of profit you earn while you shop for a higher amount.

As I told you earlier, they don’t charge you for shipping if the order exceeds Rs.500/- and the shipping charge is Rs.50/- for orders below Rs.500/-. We can buy books and other articles online through Flipkart and Amazon. Payment can be made through Debit Card, Credit Card or Net Banking. There is another option called Cash On Delivery. If you are doubtful of placing online orders, you can opt this method. You need to pay only when the courier man delivers you the articles you booked. My experience tells me that the easiest and time-saving method is Net Banking.

The service of Flipkart is prompt and quick. They never disappoint you. Also, after you place an order, you will be alerted over SMS, the shipment details including the date of expected arrival. The article will be delivered within 2 or 3 days. Recently they have started their own courier service and it has made the delivery even faster. I had an experience of receiving within 24 hours!. But don’t think that Flipkart is the only site to provide you such discounts and service for online shopping. There are a few more agencies providing a neat online service. Crossword, eBay, Amazon are a few example. You can find more on the net simply by giving a search.

What you need to do for Online Shopping

You just need to register with them on their official site, which is very easy and do not steal much of your time. Your email ID can be made as your user ID. You just create a password and login. Then just enter your book name or article details on the search box. You can use filters to fix your price range or product brand name. The amazing thing is that we get a lot of electronic gadgets like Mobile phones, Ipods, Tablets, Fablets, etc at a very discount price from Flipkart and Amazon. After fixing your order, just make the payment anyway as I suggested above. If you are fearful of losing money, the option ‘Cash on Delivery’ is for you for there are no risks involved here. You pay only when you receive your orders.


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