Schools Need to Emphasize Physical Education

If we know that exercise prevents heart disease, obesity, diabetes and even cancer, then why aren’t we giving physical education in schools the importance it deserves? Physical education stimulates self confidence and well being. It is essential that schools understand that physical education programs are the stepping stone for exercise throughout an entire lifetime.

Physical education programs teach children about the different sports available, about health issues within sports settings, and even safety issues that need to be dealt with while exercising.

Teach the Importance of Working in Teams
School exercise programs teach children how to work in a team, how to develop healthy habits they can incorporate into their life. Principles that are taught in school can reduce obesity, heart disease and other diseases. It can keep people healthy for the rest of their lives.

Schools Make Exercise Fun
When you implement a good school exercise program, you teach children how physical education can be fun, even if the kids say they hate it, and even if they don’t want to participate in the beginning. Over the long run, they will look back to those PE classes with fondness. Kids learn about different activities and games, things that can be fun, and show them techniques in strategy and team work.

Physical education classes teach children various different life skills like, working together, problem solving, to attain the ultimate end. The learn how to play fairly and how to win or lose at anything, and this translates into a better life, and better life skills. School sports teach children how to train both mentally and physically for any goal.

School Exercise Programs Teach Nutrition
Kids learn about Healthy Eating in school Phys Ed. They learn about the basic foods and they learn about good eating habits. They are taught that eating right helps them do better in all areas of school and helps them think better.

School Exercise Programs Promote Mental Health
Know that recent research also shows that physical exercise in children improves mental and psychological skills. Exercise makes children feel energetic and happy. It makes them feel good about themselves and increases blood flow to all areas of the body.

On the other hand a lack of oxygen can create fatigue, memory loss, confusion, problems concentrating, etc.(Does that sound like the average teen, or what?)

So, overall the statistics show that kids need to get exercise in school. This is a vital program in school curriculum and every school needs to put the necessary focus and funds in this department, and not skip it or think of it as just an extra curricular course.

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