Importance of Science Knowledge


Science knowledge is required and cannot be neglected.

In the field of Science and Technologies many things have been manufactured e.g Television, computer, phone etc

Medically, some apparatus like thermometer, Barometer, and lots more have been produced for use.

Science Knowledge is Important to Man and his environment.

Science knowledge is useful in many areas industries, Laboratories etc


It is used in producing some chemical which are used in the industries.

Its also help in the production of some domestic chemicals e.g in pesticides and many other acids for domestic and industrial uses.

And nowadays people have discovered a way of using Solar energy in industries and domestically. All the materials used in manufacturing this things are created through the knowledge of science and technologies. In Manufacturing of Electricity science and technology knowledge is used, and talking of electricity, its something people cannot do without.

It is useful at home, offices, industries etc…

And it is one of the factors to consider in choosing industrial location, because electricity is very important thing for use domestically and industrially.

People would agree that science and technology are great of importance in the universe and in the community of people in this world. Majority of the countries in this international community are trying continuously to increase their annual budget for science and technology. This development clearly suggests that decision-makers both in government and private sector industry are strongly convinced of the importance of developing science and technology.

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