Why Story Books Make Great Gifts For Kids

Is there a kid in your life with a birthday or holiday coming up? Are you stuck on what to give them? Why not get them a story book? A book doesn’t have that flashy new toy appeal at first, and may not occupy their attention straight away; but that night, after the party is over and the new toys have lost their interest the book will catch the child’s attention once more.

The first thing that’s going to catch the kid’s eye is the color. No matter if they can read or not it’s something new and interesting to look at. Left alone some kids will even start to make up their own little story in their head to match the pictures. When they are doing this they are expanding and developing their imaginations, which is something that they will benefit from in the long run.

Story books are great gifts for kids because they encourage imagination and development of reading skills. The more a child is interested in the pictures of a book, the more they will want to know what it’s about. Once a kid gets a little older they will gain independence and want to read on their own. This is when that story book goes from just a story to a tool. The parents can sit down with their child and go over each letter and word. Starting with the sounds of the letters and slowly building up to the words and then sentences of that child’s favorite story.

Story books can also encourage some shared time between the kid and their parents. Most kids learned to read quicker when they were read stories by their parents on a regular basis as a kid. Giving a kid a shiny new story to explore with their parents is a great gift because that kid will ask mom or dad to read it to them. In some families, every night before the kids go to sleep the parents will take a book off the shelf and read to them. Letting the kids fall asleep to imagined worlds and the sound of their parent’s voice. As the child grows the stories will change and mature with them but they will end up looking forward to that one on one time with their parents. If it is part of the routine, most kids will look forward to it every night (or how ever often they get to read with their parents). It can be rewarding to them and even exciting to get to pick the next new story that they get to hear. Many kids love story time even after they themselves learn how to read. It’s the one on one time with their parent that means as much to them if not more than the story being read.

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