The Advantages Of Interactive Books For Children

The mind of a child is like a sponge, which soaks in knowledge. When children are young, their ability to absorb whatever they observe is very high. It is great to help them learn this way, but at the same time they should also be encouraged to make their own decisions. Now, with Interactive books available in a variety of forms, there is a great opportunity for children to sharpen their decision making skills at a young age.

Normally, story books are fixed to a single plot, and they are read for enjoyment. Now there are also ebooks, where the stories can be altered as per the decision of the child. This is somewhat a combination of video games with stories, so that children feel that they are participating in the story.

Here the biggest advantage of these ebooks over a traditional book, is that the character actually has a voice and can speak directly to your child. There may also be background music, which changes along with the mood of the story. The child therefore feels that the characters are interacting with him or her. The child learns to make decisions, because when he or she approaches a fork in the story, it will be up to them to decide which route to take and thus observe the consequences of their decision.

For example, you could have a story in which some elder boys are cajoling a younger boy to smoke or drink. Then the story could give the reader a choice of what action he or she wants to take. Based on that decision, the child will find out the results of his or her decision. Thus, in the future, this could help him or her to similarly make real life decisions relating to similar issues. The important thing is that these books are fun, otherwise children would not be interested in reading them.

There are also many web sites on the internet, where your child can read stories and participate in the story telling process. By getting to be a part of the story, your child can also bond with the characters of that story. It can give them a lot of pleasure to help out their favorite characters as they make decisions.

Even if your child reads a lot of regular books, still sometimes reading these interactive books could be a welcome change for them. Either way, it is still beneficial for their minds. The advantages for young children are that but listening to interactive books, they can learn not only new words and sentences, but also know how to pronounce them correctly. Even if, they do make mistakes, the children can backtrack and start again, until they have gotten the correct answers. Interactive books also lay down the foundation knowledge for their future school subjects such as math, science and geography.

So, there is a definite advantage in letting your children read interactive books, and this could not only help with their decision making, but also make them computer-savvy at a young age.

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