Online Testing


Practice Cafe is not just an online testing application it’s a complete online education portal for under graduate as well as graduate students.At Practice cafe we focus to provide the best study materials available in the market for our visitors so that they can gain an extra edge over others. We also provide detailed notification of upcoming exams at school level plus their sample papers and mock test series for time-speed tests

You will find detailed list of free sample paper as well as mock test series that are specially prepared for you on your Dashboard. It will have all the required links to guide you.



Registering with Practice Cafe allows you to access all the sample test papers as well as study materials Registering with us also helps us to track you test history, so that necessary guidance can be provided when required Registering also help you to rank among thousands of students attempting the exams so that you can work out on your problematic areas and remove your shortcomings before its too late, Its an practice, improvement and perfection approach that we want our users to follow before attempting any exam.