About Us

Virtuous’ – the very word embodies the virtues of righteousness and carries a high moral tone. It is a word that brings to mind a pristine and pure tenor to an attitude, style and manner. In sum it stands for perfection. Virtuous Publications personifies these qualities and brings these virtues in every aspect and facet of its work. The outcome is excellence in all that we offer. In all that we do and produce.

Virtuous Publications is a company that is young yet with a dream that is an amalgam of strength, far-sightedness and a potent spirit. It is why the company has grown and attained new heights in a short time span. Do not count us in years but by the rungs we have climbed in a short period. Judge us on the positive force that we embody and exhibit in every service we offer, in every product we present and the support we offer with every service and creation.

Our Mission

“Keeping pace with the latest in hi-tech, speedy execution on highly creative concepts & themes, quality control, timely publishing, a far-reach, and imparting thorough knowledge on our Society, is what our ‘ Virtuous’ operational cycle is all about”.

Our Vision

The Right to Education is a right of every Child in India. Virtuous Publications with a vision of supporting the drive towards literacy strives to fulfil a mission of being instrumental in making the Country literate.


From concept to post sale…we are there with you every step of the way. Under our leadership’s direction our team strives to cater with complete flawlessness to our reader’s requirements and to produce an end result that will impart and instruct and inform in a constructive gainful and enjoyable manner. We offer concepts that define, guide and interest, execution that is finesse and the result is a publication of pure quality embossed with the Virtuous stamp of perfection. Our market research does help us to offer our readers what exactly they are looking for. Suggestions are always welcome and we are open to ideas. And the outcome turns satisfying. We provide our patrons with the best support as they continue being with us down the years. We aim towards reading inculcation, vocational teaching and providing books & magazines to our readers of all age groups from pre-school to senior citizens that will give them value for their time and money.

Research & Development

Even the most traditional idea is presented with a fresh feel with the help of this talented group. A constant capacity to evolve and innovate is the forte of our Research & Development department and keeps us ahead in the field.


Helmed by experienced directors with sound knowledge of the industry the organisation is growing from strength to strength. Their vision, foresight and hard work is an inspiration to their team who motivated by their dedication, work harder to fulfil and bring perfection to every endeavour.


>Our teams of dedicated initiators, creators, authors, editors, visualisers and designers work endlessly to put forth our superlative titles. They are supported by a panel of experts who continuously guide and motivate the team to produce the best results. At the same time we also provide a creative platform too to the young – up-and-coming writers, accommodating them with their interesting pieces of writing. And they will soon be part and parcel of our writing team to work on newer avenues.

Sales And Marketing

The sales team leave no stone unturned to bring to the market the quality and excellence that Virtuous Publications is renowned for. We understand the requirements of our readers and co-relate the needs of the corporate, schools, libraries, and other valued readers to our efforts and attempts. The harmony brings excellence to the final master-pieces. The concerted efforts of the sales and marketing catches each nuance of the requirement and works to fulfil it with the combined efforts of the Virtuous team. Online selling and direct sales is also a forte of the company. Discovering new way of pitching and innovating on existing marketing trends, our sales and marketing is bounds ahead.

Readership And Viewership

The readership of our books and magazines is growing steadily day by day. The content is appreciated, the fine paper and printing quality make for easy reading and the choice of subjects has aroused ever growing interest in acquiring our invention. Books and magazines are a treasure house to be cherished and if the final design is entertaining in a way that stays with us then it becomes a source of joy for years to come. This is a unique point of our reading material and that is why we see ever increasing demand.

Reader’s Satisfaction

The concerted effort of each individual at Virtuous Publications is the reason why the customer is always satisfied and it is the reason that our loyal and satisfied client base is growing day by day.


With 3000 sq. mts. of land that houses the organisation, its CTPs, printing, binding units with the latest in machinery that ably support our publishing power and all modern facilities that equip us to produce quality work, Virtuous is a self-sufficient powerhouse of printing and publishing entrepreneurship. Its available secured in-house warehouse of 1000 sq. mts. of 14 feet height is adequate to store printed materials till they are being despatched to respective destinations. And our factory premises and stocks remain insured all throughout. However the Inward / Outward system is being maintained by the security agency of the unit site.

Storage And Packaging

Our storage and packaging facility is one of the best and books are meticulously stored in the finest conditions. The excellence of the facility leads to reading material reaching our readers in exceptionally secured state. In a way, our annual tie-ups with best courier companies and transporters for cargo services are being utilised frequently for outstation bulk quantities of the published thought.


Our publication worldwide distribution chain (via our in-house & privatised circulation and a wide – close-knit network of distributors) is well-dispensed and reaches out to our esteemed readers within the said period of time.

Future Challenges

The future path will see us open our books and magazines to multiple languages. The material will be available in a host of Indian and International languages if so desired by our readers and book stores. Online Education is another highly specialised area, we plan to focus on… from now onwards. As well as we even plan to set up reading centres at a number of far-off places in order to facilitate easy reading access to our readers from our library shelves. In the near future… we plan to set laboratories of Languages, Ecology, Maths and Science to enhance practicalities learnt in classroom. We mean…, ‘hands-on-practical’. And further more…. students can even experience and access to Games, Puzzles, and reading of Story Books to develop analytical and rational thinking skills.